Alaska’s Top King Eider Guides Specializing in Trophy King Eiders In the Pribilof Islands since 2001

Why Choose Aleutian Island Waterfowlers
Voted #1 Alaskan King Eider Guide for the Past 16 Years in a row .

Its very simple there are 5 main reasons to choose Aleutian Island Waterfowlers if you wa
nt the best King Eider hunting in remote Alaska.

1.Location: we only hunt the best remote locations in the Aleutian and Pribilof Islands that consistently hold large populations of King Eiders and Pacific Eiders along with other Sea Ducks.

2.Experiance: Capt Charlie and his staff of professional King Eider guides have over 38 years guiding in Alaska as full time guides making there livelihood and incomes directly from Alaskan Outfitting in the field, not working in an office or as a part time vacation guide paying for there fishing boat.

3.Dedication and investment: Aleutian Island Waterfowlers offers the best duck hunting and Alaskan King Eider guiding. There parent company Alaska Adventures Lodge has over 2 million dollars invested in our Guiding and outfitting business and we are in it for the long haul Personally guiding in Alaska since 1985 , operating a fleet of 12 custom boats ranging from 17ft to 80 ft that we personally own and operate daily. Continued exploratory hunts searching for the last great untouched hunts to offer.

4. The Original Aleutian Island Waterfowlers: We are the Original X-Treme waterfowl Guides that have Pioneered Sea duck hunting hunts on the Aleutian Islands and King Eider Outfitting on the Pribilof islands before much of our competition even knew where they were. We offer 1 thing and do it well The world’s most X-Treme Trophy Duck Hunts for King Eider-Pacific Eider- Harlequin-Scoters and Oldsquaw with a few trophy Eurasian vagrants taken each year

5.Results: These speak louder than words I will put our recent record for continually harvesting Trophy KIng and Pacific Eiders along with Harlequin against any Alaskan King Eider guide or Sea Duck guide in the state of Alaska operating today with a 99%

The old days of Kodiak Island King Trophy hunting is over as they ar
e lucky to harvest 2-3 mature kings a year there with hundreds of hunters hunting over a few pressured King Eiders. AIW harvested more KIngs and Pacifics combined than all the guides in Alaska together. Some so called experts offering X-Treme hunts have never even harvested a mature King themselves and they are guiding for them and self so called experts.

We married Our first couple on Island X  , congrats to MR & MRS Tony SInes for a great wedding and a great Hunt.

It boils down to – Is this this hunt for everyone ! NO Its not but neither are the competitions hunts, we tell you 100% upfront what the deal is and how shitty it is gonna be and not sugarcoat the hunt. But the rewards are tremendous to Become a member of The Bering Sea King Eider Club and i will let you talk to
our hunters who have harvested these trophy birds.
There are few great waterfowl guides in Alaska that specialize in specific type of hunting and they do a great Job,and many guides have been employed by us and have went out on there own over the past 20 years, I have always wished past employees the best in there new carreers to further themselves,

See Ya on The Ice Capt Charlie Summerville

Aleutian Island Waterfowlers is 100% committed to producing what we sell. These trips are expensive and our guides will give110 % each and every day to assure our guest’s have a great legal safe experience but sometimes things just don’t happen the way we wish and birds and weather don’t cooperate and this is why it is called hunting not killing and we offer our 100% return policy.

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