Emperor Goose Hunting 2022- Cold Bay, Izembek Lagoon

 Trophy Emperor G00se hunts Oct 15-Dec 16 in Cold Bay

Aleutian Island Waterfowlers specializes in high quality Emperor Geese hunts utilizing, hand painted custom Emperor Goose decoys as we have 5 dozen ready to go, along with utilizing 2 – X2 core sound layout boats as 95% of our hunts are boat based hunts on open water or near shore, No sniping them off the beaches for us we offer only a true decoying hunt as it will be completely filmed and edited for each hunter to share and cherish there memories of this landmark hunt. We will be offering 3 levels of hunts for the 2019/20  Season .

100% success in Cold Bay on Emperors 65 hunter so far since 2017

1.   3 day standard  hunt package starting at $1995.00pp  Hunt dates Sept 15-Nov 15 only. 1 Emperor Goose only

2. 6 day Standard Emperor/Brant/Harlequin/ Salmon fish combo  $4500.00 Sept 15th -Nov 2

3, 7 day Deluxe Trophy Emperor / Seaduck / Brant combo Hunt $5600 Nov 3-Dec 16th Only.

All our hunts include Fully Guided and Outfitted  1 Emperor Goose hunter decoys , Ocean front lodging, 3 meals daily and standard beverages, boat transportation and trophy processing,wrapping and freezing along with rd trip transfers from coldbay  airport, Full video of hunt and editing  a $3000 value alone. Not included:BYO alcohol,Rd trip air to Coldbay, Shotguns & Ammo, personal clothes hunting gear and waders cooler or soft sided carry on cooler for transporting birds home, AK small game lic, Emperor Permit and State -Fed duck stamps signed.

Expect success and we will make your dreams come true in Cold Bay for an Emperors

1. Fall 2022  Emperor Goose Registration hunts are open to anyone holding an Emperor Permit.
2. We offer hunts in Unit 9 Stateor federal  land that opens Sept 1-Dec 16 1 bird per hunter.
b. Overall quota will be managed for 1000 bird harvest
3. Quotas and seasons may/will vary between permit hunt areas (have not been finalized yet)
4. For 2022, with Emperor goose population steady  subsistence hunting and fall registration hunts), there is a draw for 25 Nonresidents permits. They would apply during the regular Nov-Dec time period.

That’s about all I have for now. Hope this helps.

The 2017 -21 Emperor goose season has been great for us with a 100% success for all our hunters.  With fewer residents hunting expected as last we heard less than  500 total birds were harvested in all the areas Up to now by sport hunters . So hopefully we can get a few more permits released for nonresidents in the future.  Since There has been no sport hunting for Emperor Goose since 1985 to let the populations rebuild.  Presently there are between 60-80,000-Emperor geese flourishing on the Alaska Peninsula, Kodiak Island and Aleutian Islands the exact numbers are hard to predict due to the large geographic area there live in.   Recently with better management and higher survival rate the Emperor goose population is rebounding and the feds voted to allow for 1000 Emperor geese to be harvested during the 2017 season.

100% success in Cold Bay on Emperors 65 hunter so far since 2017

That is a great question ?  As of Sept 1st  2017 Emperor Goose hunting  is officially open to all Alaska residents sport hunting, And our hunters that we took out all harvested nice birds as we can report we went %100 success.   Aleutian island Waterfowlers is off to a great start with 6 successful hunts guided by our staff in Cold bay bay with many more on the books coming . but the governmental agencies involved between the state of Alaska and the federal government are working on a temporary management plan which is supposed to be voted on the the state of Alaska governing body and a referendum should be published by June 1st 2017.   Realistically  there may be only  a few available to the nonresident general public if any and more available to rural residents, local natives and subsistence users in designated areas including Coldbay, Nelson lagoon, Kodiak, Adak and Dutch Harbor along with some of the northern villages who have shown past use.

 We will Offer Emperor Goose Hunting for residents of Alaska in 2022

As soon as the state of Alaska has come up with a final rule we will put our final hunt plans into effect as we are very sure between our 30 years of guide experience in all 4 of the locations with large Emperor populations that we will have the top Emperor Goose hunt available to the general public.

One of our Emperor  locations on the Alaska Peninsula

Team X-Treme

Hunt with Alaska’s Top waterfowl guides team X-Treme

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