A typical week to get here filmed Jan 2017

This Video is to show potential guests what an actual week looks like traveling from anchorage to the island, the meals and the travel along with the guides and hunting available. This video was shot Jan 20,21,22 with our last group pf hunters Jan 2017. We hope this helps show everyone what to expect.

More happy hunters From Island X 2017

2014 Highlight trailer another great year finished

Team Time Bandit Getting the Tour

2010 Highlights for the Season

The first Island X Wedding Tony & Shannon

Tony and Shannon share that special day on Island X, I was officiating and then got to give then there honeymoon hunting Kings, Harlequin and Longtails.  These 2 are we call Serious duck hunters and proved it this week in 2014.

Chris and Duntell  hunting with us Jan 2017

Chris and Duntell  on day 2 of there hunt with AIW  in January on Island X.  A highlight trailer from there day enjoying some good weather while hunting on the Bearing Sea and looking for a few more trophy sea ducks to add to there collection..

Some Harlequin, Pacific Eiders and Scoters

The guys from NC enjoying 5 days on Kodiak Island With us getting aa real nice mixed Bag of waterfowl to include, Pacifics, Harlequin, Scoters and Goldeneye.

Highlights of the  first 2 weeks  2015

 first 2 weeks on Island X 2014/15 season .

Another great week of Pacifics and Scoters

 Introduction and Highlights from the Year in review