Northwester crab boat in St Paul island giving tours

Deadliest Catch Fleet

Aleutian Island Waterfowlers home port of St Paul Alaska is one of the main ports for many of the top crab boats in the fleet to off load King and Snow crab.  Starting mid October with Delicious King Crab and then starting up again after christmas delivering the famous Opilio crab or “Snowcrab: as Red Lobster calls it.  During your stay we always have a meal or two of fresh Alaskan Crab same day as out of the ocean.

Time bandit crab boat

Tours of the TimeBandit and NorthWestern Crab boats

Over the past 17 years operating on the island AIW  has gotten to be good friends with many of the captains of the boats and even on occasion they will stop by the lodge for dinner  a drink or  just to relax.   This affords us the luxury of getting VIP tours of the boats after there offloading.  Over the years we have gotten on the Time Bandit, The North Western, The ROLO and  The Maverick .  This is always a great bonus to the trip and is in no way a guarantee as it %100 depends on timing and schedules as the Boats are on a tight schedule but when time affords Charlie pulls some strings and gets you on board for a close  up look at real life on the crab boats.

Hunting on the Crab Grounds

AIW actualy hunts King Eiders on the Crab grounds it snot uncommon to see the top boats motoring in and out right bye us as we are set up hunting, It makes for some great pictures and memories when you can say you hunted the bering sea in a 17 ft banks boat or Kodiak rich along side a 110ft Crab boat.

A VIP Tours with the Time Bandit Capt Andy & Jonathan

Team X-Treme

Hunt with Alaska’s Top waterfowl guides team X-Treme

Time bandit crab boat tour