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Capt Charlie

Capt Charlie Summerville Owner/Pilot -Guide Team X-treme

Aleutian Islands Waterfowlers was founded in the late 80’s by BushPilot-Guide Capt Charles Summerville of King Salmon Alaska.

While living on the Alaska Peninsula and guiding hunters and fisherman full time since 1985 he has had the opportunity to explore hunt and fly over every major waterfowl population on the Alaska Peninsula. Offering high quality waterfowl hunting in 3 separate locations, being mobile is their key to success. Charlie followed the birds from Kvichak Bay to Cold Bay and has pioneered a world-class duck hunting guide operation offering hunters some of the most remote high quality fly in duck hunting and fishing in the state of Alaska.

We Support Delta Waterfowl & Ducks Unlimited

In the mid 90’s Charlie started exploring the Aleutian & Pribilof islands hunting where few or no outsiders had previously Duck hunted and pioneered King Eider hunting in a remote Island location.  Aleutian Island Waterfowlers now offers a high quality King Eider and Harlequin hunt on Island X,  Pacific Eider hunts in Coldbay and Adak.  Along with taking yearly exploratory trips always looking for the last great hunt.

Kings & Harlequin are great decoying birds 100% of our hunters have taken them during the past 8 seasons.  This is the highest in the world. and no other King Eider guide can even come close to this satisfaction.

Alaska lodge staff

Head Guide Capt Jack Nelson   

Owner Capt Jacks Commercial Salmon fishing Bristol Bay.  Jack was Born in Alaska into hunting royalty with his father being one of Alaska’s top Bush pilots and guides, He is a superb big water boat captain as well as a hunter when Jack was 8 years old, he toppled the World record Moose. Capt Jack  has operated boats on Bristol Bay and the Bering Sea for the past 10 seasons.  And been waterfowl hunting since he could hold a gun.

Capt Jack Nelson alaska Guide

Guide Capt Justin Bleicher- 18 Year Alaska Guide Experience.

Waterfowl Guiding and Hunting Currituck Sound NC for 22 years.

Capt Justin Bleicher

Guide Capt  Teddy –  Alaska Waterfowl Guide  and Kodiak Alaska, Charter Captain. Nate hails from Alaska and is a true Alaskan guide at heart he grew up working on the back of charter boats and climbed the ladder to Capt, He loves fishing, Waterfowl hunting and all things outdoors. A great addition to some New young blood to Team X-Treme.

Not Greenland King Eider Hunting

Guide Dan King showing off a couple Aleutian Teal after a great day. Dan hails from Michigan originally where he recently retired from a highly distinguished 31 year career as a State trooper. Dan is a lifelong hunter and fisherman with an extensive background in water rescue and being a boat captain with the troopers.

Aleutian Teal Alaska

Guide Stephanie Summerville  was born and raised in remote Alaska where she has been living the Alaska life since a baby, Guide Stephanie is specializing in Fishing,BEarviewing and Waterfowl hunting for Emperor Geese,Pacific Brant and Harlequin.

Guide Stephanie Summerville

Most of Our 21/22 Aleutian Island Waterfowlers Staff  in Cold Bay doing a little beach combing Stephanie, Jack and Dan

Glass ball beach combing

Our 2022/23/ Aleutian Island Waterfowlers Staff on Island  X

Island x Guides

We are proud to to beable to say we have the best King Eider Guides in Alaska, As the results don’t lie. During our very successfull 2019/20 King EIder season we were the only Outfitter in Alaska that finished are season with a 100 % success and every hunter going home with King Eiders.  As our fellow competitors sent home around 15 Hunters combined .   We look forward to the same experienced staff as last year so we can assure our guests’s of another great year.    Aleutian Island Waterfowlers has consistantly been the Top Producing King Eider Guides and Outfitters for the past 20 years and with Team X-treme  you are assured of a top team of Duck hunting guides who truly care.

Our staff  will travel to the far ends of the Earth to find the next big adventure duck hunting.  There passion for water fowl hunting is second to none and this reflects on there ability to Produce high quality duck hunting trips.