King Eider Hunting Greenland Vs  St Paul Island & Island X

 20 years experience in Alaska  vs 1-2 years King Eider Hunting Greenland

 King Eider hunting Greenland vs King Eider Hunting Alaska basically boils down to how you want to Kill your Kings Ethically and legally over custom King Eider decoys while drifting in the Bering Sea in small duck boats using them similar to layout boats. Or just straight gangster them driving up on the water and shooting feeding kings out of a 30-40ft charter boat at 45-75 yds as 95% of all kings reported getting killed while in King Eider hunting Greenland happens that way as they even post it publicly on there website.  Or you can watch it for yourself on the Greenland King Eider videos posted by Mark Petersen. Or click on our New King Eider hunting guides . com webpage and read all about king Eider hunting in Alaska.


Is a complete pain in the butt and includes many Grey areas and a high chance of you getting fined or birds confiscated in either Iceland or the US at customs and border patrol, As it is 100% illegal to ship and Export any Waterfowl out of Iceland and 95% of all hunters have to stay over night or transfer planes in Iceland.  Just look at the Greenland outfitters own web sites as they encourage all King Eider hunters in Greenland to ship the Kings to Denmark and get them mounted due to the Grey areas and possible loss and Criminal Lacey act Felonies involved in shipping migratory birds across borders. Although many hunters just smuggle them back home to US and go with Don’t ask Don’t Tell.

King Eider hunting greenland

King Eider hunting Greenland vs Alaska This was Christmas Day St Paul Island Alaska 2022

Greenland King Eider Hunting vs Island X Alaska

 King Eider hunting in Greenland seems to be the newest flavor of the week with a handful of adventure seekers choosing to travel there to try there hand at the King Eiders , The main fact is that the top King Eider guides in the World  Aleutian Island Waterfowlers on St Paul Island is usually booked up 1-2 years out due to there high quality hunts and overall near 100% success while hunting King Eiders over spreads of custom King Eider decoys from small specialized seaduck boats. during the 2023 season we reached an astonishing 850 hunters being successful with us since 2001.  This is truly more Happy King Eider hunters than all the other guides have taken combined in the world.

Greenland King Eider hunting

Greenland King Eider hunting

After talking to a few Greenland King Eider hunting parties and watching the recent videos that shows it first hand, It just does not seem too exciting or ethical to Hunt King Eiders in Greenland unless your idea of a great hunt for around $7000 and actually $12,000 when its all said and done is drive a 30-40 ft cabin cruiser around and line up 2-4 hunters on the bow and stern and just shoot Waterfowl and Seabirds under power.  Or if you are lucky and have them drop you off on a ice covered rocky point and have them rally birds out of the bays to you. Again highly unethical and Illegal hunting tricks in the US, But again thats just my opinion if thats what you want to accomplish for around $12,000 knock your self out as its not ethical hunting its just straight killing and thats not how the top outfitters hunt in Alaska.

On Island X or St Paul we 100% hunt over large decoy spreads in small boats with 2-3 hunters per boat, vs hunting in a 30-40 ft Ocean boat driving around and driving up birds and shooting them which is illegal in the US. Or as proponents call it hunting the Inuit native way, But evidently 90% of the Greenland Kings are shot this way not even with decoys out many times.  In short it boils down to what kind of Hunt you want and do you want to hunt with the most Experienced king Eider guides in the world with the best record or hunt with a commercial fisherman or big game guide pretending to be a King Eider guide motoring down Birds on the water or just driving on them.

AIW Specializing in hunting mature King Eiders

On a remote island in the Bering Sea is where Aleutian Islands Waterfowlers offers it’s Trophy King Eider hunting. We operate a  17ft Ron Bankes duck boat along with a 2 -15 ft zodiak with Yamaha motors for transportation to the King eiders and remote parts of the island. Hunting over custom painted E Allen King Eider decoys each day offers our hunters close in shoo
ting at Kings & Harlequins. Each day 3 hunters will hunt from our Bankes boat and 2 hunters will hunt from each of our Zodiaks , and 1 hunter from shore on rocky points over decoys using the Zodiak to retrieve downed birds, A hunter coming to Island X King Eider hunting will have a great opportunity to harves  upto 4  mature King Eiders, 2 Harlequins, and 2 Old Squaw. The weather on Island X will be winter conditions and frequent storms can be very brutal and hunting King eiders is not for the weak at heart.

Seasons : King Eider hunting Greenland season is longer than St Paul.

The prime King Eider season in Alaska runs from Mid December to January 22, And we take upto 12 hunters per week with 5 experienced guides with a combined 6o years Alaska Big water waterfowl guide experience. To provide the most personal services available. Our hunts run 5 days with 4 full days of guided hunting and sometimes a floater day for weather. We start our hunts December 26th and run until January 23 when the season closes. We provide all meals, lodging and fully guided hunting over decoys with boats, the average temperature is around 25 -35 degrees and we hunt in grey snow camo since the normal backdrop is snow covered shorelines this time of year. During the 2022/2023  January King Eider Hunting season our hunters averaged 3.6 mature Drake King Eiders each and many hunters limiting out with 4 King Eiders,  along with many trophy  Harlequin and Longtails.   No Whinning allowed only real duck hunters looking for the best King Eider hunt in the world !!!!!!!

The Original X-Treme Alaska King Eider hunting

Our hunters stay in a comfortable modern duck camp  with all the modern amenities including Phone, internet and all the hot water you can stand freezer storage and a gun cleaning room. All meals, lodging and fully guided hunting is included along with pickup and return at the local airport. Hunters are responsible for there own rd trip airfare to the island and 1 night hotel in Anchorage the night before there hunt starts. For more information on  King Eider hunting Greenland click on the link