Voted Alaska’s #1 King Eider Hunting Guides 17 years straight

Our 2017/18  Season on St Paul offered our guest’s another perfect season with 100% success rate for all hunters harvesting mature King Eiders on Island X.

King Eiders Island X sea duck hunt

Record setting King Eider Seaduck hunt .

Confidence in what we sell policy: Aleutian Island Waterfowlers is the only Alaskan King Eider Guide service that offers a 100% return policy in writing and advertises it on our web site for King Eider Sea duck hunts, if you do not have the opportunity to harvest a Drake King Eider on Island X with us. These King Eider hunting trips are expensive and we want 100% of our King Eider hunters happy and are willing to back up our hunts with an unsurpassed quality assurance guarantee of offering a hunt of a lifetime with a no BS return policy.

Aleutian Island Waterfowlers plans to stay at the leading edge of King Eider Hunting on St Paul island by continually updating and improving our safety equipment and boats. For the 2017 season we will be reinvesting $15-$20k back into our equipment to keep the most modern fleet of boats, more personal epirps, survival dry suits along with another 4 wheel drive vehicle on the island and a new bigger more powerful Zodiac rescue boat as our 2nd hunting boat in case there was ever a need for it . We have always had the best equipment and will continue to lead by example.

Duck Hunting Experience: We pioneered Trophy King Eider hunting and It has taken us almost 17  years to get everything in place and all the speciality equipment needed to do the job, this did not happen overnight and it did not happen cheaply.

The Facts Are Simple :

The facts are very simple Island X is a very difficult place to guide due to weather, winds, Ice and freezing harbor conditions along with the roads not being maintained as many of our locations are secondary roads not maintained by city equipment. Its real simple its not a perfect world here, it never will be so if your a whiner stay home or go hunt with the sombody else.

God Bless All the great hunters who have hunted with us and thank you for not being whiners and game hoggs.

We have been Alaska’s undisputed Premier King Eider guide for the past 17 years and have St Paul King Eider hunting figured out and have all the right equipment on the island and we will continue to be.

No training wheel hunts here Only serious duck hunters need apply. whiners and Wussies stay home!!.