100% 17 Year Untarnished Safety record

Aleutian Island Waterfowlers has been operating in the most brutal and hazardous conditions its entire existence  and has adapted a  safety plan 2nd to none. The key to this is constant communications,  and having a full time person on shore coordinating all the guides and boats with a up to date float plan and staying in contact with them while there out and always looking out for potential hazards  that may arise and being on standbye in case we need them to assist. for 2017 we will have 4 full time captains along with a safety officer.  We  have the highest qualified Captains  & employees working for us that are 100% drug and alcohol free as this is not a big party for us we take your safety serious.


Only the Best Equipment money can buy

Every one of our boats or zodiaks is equipped with all mandatory safety gear, type 1 pfd , flares along, noise making device with waterproof radios, epirps and specialized training for the guides in cold water operations. we have a satellite phone and local cell phones for constant contact with the outside world. We also utilize  the top of the line Banks boat and Inflatables with dependable yamaha outboards.  Our inflatables are similar to the Navy Seals and Coast Guard, There is a reason we use these  type of inflatables there %100 safe beyond a doubt.  We also utilize high quality hand painted Eallen decoy along with Custom made hand carved decoys by WRO decoys.   We have always have plenty of extra hunting gear, gloves and guns at the camps for guest’s to use.   We use UA clothing,  SITKA outer garments and Benelli shotguns along with Cabelas brand HD Neoprene waders.


Hevishot for King Eiders
Emperor geese in alaska