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Cold Bay Alaska Dive Bomb Hunt Sweepstakes

To celebrate our 35th season Aleutian Island Waterfowlers in conjunction with Dive Bomb decoys  sponsored the 1st annual Alaska Dive Bomb Sweepstakes, taking place Sept 19-25 in Coldbay Alaska.  The hunt included all meals, lodging and 5 days of  hunting for Pacific Brant, Aleutian Cacklers and Lesser Canadas along with World Class Silver Salmon fishing alongside the Dive Bomb crew enjoying this special trip.  I have personally invited them and 2 guest’s to come along.

 The hunt went very well with 4 Double banded Brant being harvested along with daily limits of Canadas and brant, along with some great fishing. And to top the week off the Dive bomb crew filmed my personal Emperor Goose hunt and what a barnburner that was.  Aleutian Island Waterfowlers can’t thank the staff at Dive Bomb  enough for all they do to help us offer our clients a great hunt utilizing Dive bomb Decoys. 

Hunt the Alaska Peninsula including Izembek State Refuge & Lagoon Cold Bay Alaska

We started Hunting Coldbay Alaska around 2000 so this will be our 20th anniversary hunting the Coldbay Area and our 35th Anniversary guiding and Outfitting full time on the AK Peninsulas .  We offer Coldbays Alaska Hunters the Nicest waterfront lodge , top guides and boats along with a fully stocked Decoy barn and Alaska’s largest  complete sets of  Dive Bomb Silos and Socks to hunt over.  Along with full sets of Brant floaters for our water spreads.   This VIP Hunt will be a trip of a lifetime to meet and hunt with the Dive Bomb  staff, what a better way to spend a week in Cold Bay Alaska


Hunting for Pacific Black Brant, Aleutian Cacklers and Lesser Canadas

You will be hunting numerous large field spreads over berry fields utilizing large migrator spreads intercepting birds traveling back and fourth from Kinzaroff Lagoon to Izembek Lagoon, as the large flocks of lesser Canadas and Cacklers along with a few Aleutians Geese stop to feed on Berries after leaving the water at high tide. We will have opportunity to hunt for banded brant as we harvested 13 sets of bands last season during the Goose Season.

Hunt With the Crew of Dive Bomb Decoys In Cold Bay Alaska


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Team X-Treme

Hunt with Alaska’s Top waterfowl guides team X-Treme

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