Alaska Duck Species To Hunt

Alaskan Miracle Mixed Bag shot all in one days hunt Harlequin,Longtail,WW Scoter King Eider, Eurasian Wigeon & Aleutian Teal. Thats the magic of Alaska You just never know.

Duck Species Huntable in Alaska

Aleutian Island Waterfowlers offers Duck hunters over 20 seperate species to hunt including King Eider, Pacific Eider, Harlequin, Oldsquaw, Pacific Black Brant, White Wing and Common Scoters, Pintails, Mallards, Teal, Aleutian Teal, Widgeon, Eurasian Widgeon, Spoon bills, Sand Hill Cranes, Ptarmigan,Geese

A – Commonly harvested 90-100% success
B – Often harvested 70 – 90% success
C – Rarely harvested 20 – 40% success
D – 100% incidental 2-10 % success
NH= Non huntable closed

Aleutian Islands Waterfolwers Duck Species Available to Hunt

DUCK Species Alaska Peninsula – Cold Bay Aleutians Islands -Coldbay Island X
Hunt Dates > Sep1st-Oct 30th Nov 1st – Dec16 Dec 27-Jan22
Hunt Cost’s > $3400 $3900 $4900pp
King Eider D D A
Pacific Eider A A D
Harlequin A A A
Old Squaw B A A
Common Scoter B B C
White-winged Scoter B B C
Surf Scoter D D
Black Brant A
Northern Pintail A A
Mallard A A
American Wigeon B B
Eurasian Wigeon C B C
Green-winged Teal B B
Aleutian Teal C A C
Greater Scaup A
Lesser Scaup C
Schoveler B B
Gadwall B
Barrows Goldeneye D D C
Common Goldeneye C B C
Common Merganser B B
Red-breasted Merganser C A
Bufflehead A B C
Sandhill Crane B
Stellars Eider Non Huntable -A Non Huntable-A Non Huntable -B
Spectacle Eider NH-B NH NH–C
Emperor Goose NH–A NH –A NH–C
Canvasback C
Canada Goose A
Willow Ptarmigan A A
Arctic Fox C C
Tundra Swan
Common Pochard D
Smew D
Tufted Duck D
Falcated Teal D