Adak Caribou hunting

Adak Caribou hunting

Adak DIY Outfitted Caribou Hunts 2019

$2595 1 week trips min 2 hunters

hunting Aug 15th -Sept 30 2019 and Nov 15- Jan 22  lodging, Transportation, Dinner at lodge every night, trucks and or 4 wheelers and airport transfers. fully outfitted trips include boat transportation when weather permits,

Chris Tolliver will make sure you are having a great time.

Chris Tolliver long time Alaskan Resident and retired Army Colonel  has 10 years experience hunting and fishing on Adak Island, Chris owns and manages the New Adak lodge which has been recently upgraded & finished. The nicest lodge on the Island at this time, Complete with meat prep room  for hanging and preparing your trophies to get your meat ready to take home. The lodge can accommodate 4-6 guest per week and is all modern with new beds, lines and updated furniture.

Self Guided Fully Outfitted Hunts

With our fully outfitted packages we offer 4 wheeler’s included,  along with boat transportation to less accessed areas of the island when weather permits as we are finalizing up all our Big game transporter paperwork as we speak to be ready for the upcoming 2019/20 seasons on Adak Island for Caribou.

There is no guarantees in Caribou hunting

The only guarantee from us is that you will be treated fairly and have a nice warm place to stay and good maintained vehicles and boats while your here visiting. And a new friend when you leave at the end of the week, We are true Alaskans taking care of  guests the way we would like to be treated with No BS.  Some weeks the hunting is great and some weeks the Caribou stay way back up in the Hills that are hard to access.  Generally you get out of it what you put into it.

Adam Lodge Caribou hunting

A Big day on Adak Caribou hunting

Whats not Included in our Hunts

Breakfast & Lunch at the lodge and in the field is not included  so plan accordingly as everyone has different schedules so hunters can come and go at any time and do there own thing. Hunters need to show up with Hunting licenses, Caribou tags and rd trip transportation to the Island on Alaska Air along with alcoholic beverages, fuel for the vehicles as they come full of gas and you will return them full. There is a small store on the island for food and supplies along with liquor but be aware prices are high due to the freight cost’s getting supplies here. So please bring some stuff when you come snacks ect.