Sea Duck Hunting 100% Return Policy

If no opportunity to harvest a mature bird

Duck Hunting Satisfaction Guarantee

King Eider display created by FlyWay Taxidermy

Aleutian Island Waterfowlers is 100% committed to producing what we sell. These trips are expensive and our guides will give 110 % each and every day to assure our guest’s have a great legal safe experience but sometimes things just don’t happen the way we wish and birds and weather don’t cooperate and this is why we offer our 100% confidence policy.

Started in 2010 Confidence in what we sell policy: Our return policy is very simple Starting in the fall of 2010 if a client is paid in full for his trip at full retail price with Aleutian Island Waterfowlers and does not have a legitimate opportunity to harvest a trophy King Eider on Island X  that you  contracted to hunt with us, we will let them return the following year and hunt for upto one week or till they harvest there bird whatever comes first. They are responsible  for  Rd trip airfare, and travel expenses and tip the staff appropriately when they leave. It’s pretty straight forward! We don’t care if the weather was bad or there weren’t any birds my ass hurt. Bla-Bla-Bla. This policy will be put in writing when you book the hunt.

Not Covered- If the hunter has legitimate opportunity such as just plain misses a bird or numerous birds or is not physically able to hunt in these conditions, or just plain sucks as a shot or is screwing around and not ready to shoot when told to we can not control this and let him return as this just is not fair to us as we have done our job as a guide and it is very expensive to hunt in these remote locations, All hunters are expected to be able to hit a flying duck at 30-40yds in the wind and have top quality equipment.

Its very simple some hunters that hunt with us just will not be happy as they had bitten off more then they should of and overwhelmed, You will be treated with respect and have a professional guide that knows the area and the birds we will hunt hard over decoys and Pass shooting. We will  do our best legacy and moraly to show you a worldclass Alaskan hunt.

king eider taxidermy

King Eider Taxidermy By Artistic Compositions

Capt Charlies 1st and favorite King Eider ever  mounted from Circa 2001

The weather is gonna suck !

The wind is gonna Blow everyday 15-30mph with gusts to 60 !

Your gonna get wet and cold each day you hunt!

Some days there will be no Birds flying !