King Eider Hunting  St Paul Island & Island X

$6500 per hunter 4-5 day hunt Dec 28th – Jan 23rd

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King Eider Hunting St Paul Island & Island X Worlds Most X-Treme Duck Hunt

St Paul Island  and Island X is located in the Bering Sea 700 miles from Anchorage and is truly one of the wildest place to go King Eider Hunting ST Paul Island Alaska.   It is here on St Paul Island where the last great bastion’s of huntable King Eiders abound, Island X is one of the few places left in the world where the Trophy King Eider is taken by sport hunters on a regular basis over decoys due to its unique location and fertile marine ecosystem and shallow water. Island X is the place to go to harvest mature King Eiders, Harlequin, and old Squaw but this hunt is mainly for the Trophy King Eider enthusiast. We truly offer the Best King Eider Hunting originating on St Paul Island,Alaska.

King Eider hunts

Another great day of King Eider hunting.

AIW Specializing in hunting mature King Eiders

On a remote island in the Bering Sea is where Aleutian Islands Waterfowlers offers it’s Trophy King Eider hunts. We operate a  17ft Ron Bankes duck boat along with a 2 -15 ft zodiak with Yamaha motors for transportation to the King eiders and remote parts of the island. Hunting over custom painted E Allen King Eider decoys each day offers our hunters close in shoo
ting at Kings & Harlequins. Each day 3 hunters will hunt from our Bankes boat and 2 hunters will hunt from each of our Zodiaks , and 1 hunter from shore on rocky points over decoys using the Zodiak to retrieve downed birds, A hunter coming to Island X King Eider hunting will have a great opportunity to harves  upto 4  mature King Eiders, 2 Harlequins, and 2 Old Squaw. The weather on Island X will be winter conditions and frequent storms can be very brutal and hunting King eiders is not for the weak at heart.

Island X King Eider Hunts run Dec 27th -Jan 23rd

We take 10  hunters per hunt with 4 guides to provide the most personal services available. Our hunts run 6 days with 4 full days of guided hunting. We start our hunts December 27th and run until January 23 when the season closes. We provide all meals, lodging and fully guided hunting over decoys with boats, the average temperature is around 25 -35 degrees and we hunt in grey snow camo since the normal backdrop is snow covered shorelines this time of year. During the 2017/2018  January King Eider Hunting season our hunters averaged 3.6 mature Drake King Eiders each and many hunters limiting out with 4 King Eiders,  along with many trophy  Harlequin and Longtails.   No Whinning allowed only real duck hunters looking for the best King Eider hunt in the world !!!!!!!

The Original X-Treme Sea Duck hunting

Our hunters stay in a comfortable modern duck camp  with all the modern amenities including Phone, internet and all the hot water you can stand freezer storage and a gun cleaning room. All meals, lodging and fully guided hunting is included along with pickup and return at the local airport. Hunters are responsible for there own rd trip airfare to the island and 1 night hotel in Anchorage the night before there hunt starts.