Pacific Eider Hunting

We killed our first Pacific Eider in the Pribilof island’s around 2004 and we were hooked. Ever since then we have been traveling around the state searching for the absolute best Pacific Eider hunting offering successful hunts In Adak, Kodiak and Cold bay. We also have test hunted and scouted numerous other locations throughout the Alaska Peninsula and Aleutian Islands.   And with a 9o % success rate for harvesting trophy Pacifics with hunters who targeted them we are confident that we offer  the best chances at taking mature Pacific Eider drakes.  We  can only guarantee one thing that we will hunt harder than anyone else and we have great safe equipment and true profession guides not part time locals. The  limit is 4 Pacific’s per season for nonresidents. We offer hunt starting Nov 1st and they run through the end of January with hunts starting at $3900 and running to $4900 for certain exploratory trips we offer on a limited basis.


Where we hunt Pacific Eiders

Unlike Kings there is no one magic Island or area that holds ten of thousands of Pacific Eiders that has been discovered yet with reasonable access and infrastructure. Pacifics are spread out around the south tip of the Alaska Peninsula and extending 100 miles out into the Aleutian Islands.  The top 3 accessible destinations are Cold Bay-Adak Island -Kodiak Island .  There are still other populations in areas that we are still working on the final logistics as they are not very hospitable to access or fly to.  Our areas all have  huntable  populations that migrate through the areas along with some resident birds that breed throughout the islands.


What to expect hunting Pacific Eiders

Expect the unexpected  as Pacific hunting is truly the hardest physical hunt due to the longer boat rides to reach open ocean and being exposed to bad weather for longer period of times. Like there cousin the King Eider the Pacifics do fly early in the morning but its not as critical as only 60% of them are taken in the first magic hour.  The weather conditions can be brutal with heavy wind and freezing salt spray with average daily temperatures between 17-27 .Pacific  Eiders are hands down the toughest Eider to kill due to there shear size and feather density and you never stop shooting till your gun is empty and then you reload and its feet are up not moving.   3 or 31/2 inch #2 & 4 hevishot  or a high quality tungsten mix ammo some hunters like BB’s if there guns are choked properly . Again please don’t skimp out  on cheap  ammo as it truly is the most important part of the hunt.   They are an average decoying bird and will swing by 70% of the time and just look at the decoys. Eider hunting is hard work but the rewards are huge as there are less Pacific Eiders harvested each year than any other duck in Alaska except for Eurasian wigeon.  f

Another Happy Pacific Eider Hunt

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