Oldsquaw Duck Hunting

Aleutian Island Waterfowlers offers world class longtail hunting as a secondary species during a King or Pacific Eider hunt. Specialized in hunting the little white rockets as they come whistling bye towards the decoys. Due to there abrupt changes in flight pattern and constant aerobatics these little ducks have made the most seasoned waterfowler look bad . They generally stay out over open water and congregate on reefs and underwater ledges where theres lots of food source.   The state bag limits are 4 long tails  per non resident hunter per year.

Where is the best hunting

Longtails  are spread out over Alaska and one of the more prominent open water sea ducks.  We have had %100 success in all our locations harvesting Oldsquaw.  The main question is what do you want to hunt along with them thats what decides your final location.  We offer Oldsquaw hunting trips in 4 locations Coldbay, Kodiak, Adak and Island X .

What to expect  OldSquaw hunting

OldSquaw are hunted best with a #6 shot steel or hevisteel load as they are a great decoying bird and will come in close landing in the decoys. Its allot of action and fast paced as these little white aerobatic flying machines  come screaming into the decoys  or just pass bye sometimes.

One of our recent Oldsquaw Hunts

Team X-Treme

Hunt with Alaska’s Top waterfowl guides team X-Treme

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