Aleutian Teal  Hunting

Aleutian Island Waterfowlers cut there teeth hunting the willy Aleutian Teal. We have specialized in hunting the Aleutian Teal where they live and we have been %100 for our hunters when specifically  booking a huntforthem “Aleutian Teal ducks” they live in the Aleutians and on the southern tip of the Alaska Peninsula. The teal are 20% larger than there cousins the American teal and distinguished by the cream colored bar across there scaps.

Where is the best Teal  hunting

Aleutian Teal  are located mainly in the Aleutian Islands and remote areas of the AK Peninsula near Coldbay and Izembek lagoon although we have harvested them up north as far as King Salmon.  Hands Down for a guaranteed hunt Adak Island is the best due to the large concentrations of pure Aleutian Teal.  As the farther north you travel the more mixing and crossbreeding of hybrid become apparent.  Aleutian Teal are considered a True Bonus in Coldbay .  Due to a continuing conversation plan We limit our hunters to 2 trophy Aleutian Teal if lucky enough to get them and or 4 american teal.

What to expect  hunting Aleutian Teal

Aleutian Teal live in the small freshwater streams and ditches along the coast. We like  a #6 shot steel or hevishot load as they are don’t decoy very well as most of them are spotted on the water and stalked to a single bird after glassing them as no one can identify them on the wing while flying.

One of our recent Aleutian Teal Hunts

Team X-Treme

Hunt with Alaska’s Top waterfowl guides team X-Treme

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