Largest Populations of Huntable King Eider’s in Alaska

As the King Eiders migrate and feed there way down the Bering sea they just happen to hit the Pribilof Islands after 17 years hunting on the island we have there timing down to a science. As the birds navigate and feed around the island each morning we set up and intercept them between the feeding areas.

King Eider (Somateria spectabilis)

Island X  Bering Sea’s King Eider Mecca

Island X is located 350 miles off the SW coast of Bristol Bay Alaska.  Just north of the Aleutian trench is the home of many of the Deadliest catch’s top crab boats fishing grounds.  Along with some of the worst weather and Voted most extreme duck hunt 16 years in a row. . It is here where the last great bastion’s of huntable King Eiders abound.  due to its unique location and fertile marine ecosystem  shallow reefs and mixed currents.

Swiming King Eider drake in full breeding plumage

Mature Trophy  King Eiders

Doubled Bar Hen King Eider

Peak Migration occurs from Christmas to Mid February

The King Eider is Regal in appearance  and 25% smaller than its cousin the Pacific Eider, The drake is clearly identifiable by its unique color variations in its head and chest and bright orange lobe.  Mature Hen Eiders can be identified by the dark copper back with distinctive modeled chevrons along with white barring on the wings.