Hunt & Fish Coldbay on Alaska Peninsula’s State land and lagoons

Aug 15- Dec 16

5 day packages starting at $2400pp

7 day packages standard hunts $3900pp Sept 1-Oct 28

7 day deluxe Trophy Seaduck  Fully guided Packages  $4500pp

Emperor Goose Add on $500 trophy fee

Izembek state game refuge

Coldbays finest duck hunting, On IZembek State refuge.

Our Coldbay Alaska Peninsula hunts are 
 located near the World famous Izembek State refuge on the western tip of the Alaskan Peninsula roughly 600 miles southwest of Anchorage from the town of Coldbay.  Daily commercial flights connect  Anchorage via  Cold Bay or King Salmon depending on what area you are hunting,   We exclusively guide on State of Alaska controlled land, lagoons ,oceans and estuaries . This includes all submerged  tide lands coastal estuaries controlled by the state of Alaska including Izembek State game refuge which we have a permit to operate boat based hunts on the lagoon and all tidal estuaries within its boundaries that are accessible by boat access where we don’t cross refuge lands. FYI we do not offer guided  hunts on Izembek Federal Lands only self guided hunts.

Izembek State Game Refuge

The scenery rivals any other area in the state with its glacier covered peaks, volcanoes and its proximity to both the North Pacific and Bering Sea Coast. This area is as rich with wildlife as it is with beauty. Guests often see Brown bears, caribou, eagles, seals, sea otters during their adventure with us. We only hunt the Izembek state game Refuge water and or Kinzaroff lagoon bordering the refuge as all water of these 2 famous lagoons is controlled by the state of Alaska, So basically all tidelands and water upto the mean high tides. We are a boat based guide operation offering water based hunts on public lands only.

AIW  does not offer guided  hunts inside the federally controlled Portion of Izembek Wildlife refuge on there lands or do we cross them as we do not hold a permit to operate there Only the state lands portion.  If you are looking for a land based hunt  inside Izembek Wildlife Refuge  we can refer you  to book a hunt with a fellow guide who operates there but it truly isn’t needed as we have the same birds that fly back and fourth between the state and federal areas as The federal Izembel Refuge gets 20 times the pressure and 4 guide operations compared to our 1 operation specializing on the star water and land in the area.

Izembek State Game refuge is an internationally recognized wetland that contains some of the largest eel grass beds in North America. This lagoon drains into the highly productive Bering Sea. We hunt and fish the Alaska Peninsula from Ugashic  to Coldbay and have offered our guest’s world class fishing and hunting for 30 years. Call Us for a custom package and we will make your dreams come true.

Hunt Black Brant & Geese, Puddle ducks and Seaducks

Black brant hunts Izembek

blackbrant hunts Coldbay ALaska and Izembek State game refuge.

This area attracts the entire population of Pacific Black Brant during the fall, usually numbering 100,000 to 150,000. The cold bay area provides the best Black Brant hunting on the planet. Our clients have had 100% success on opportunities to harvest Black Brant. Izembek Lagoon and its surrounding fresh water wetlands, ponds, streams and tundra upland areas also attract a wide variety of other waterfowl including 50,000 to 60,000 Canada Geese, made up of various subspecies. Many thousands of puddle ducks, diving ducks, and sea ducks also migrate to and through this area as well. Willow and Rock Ptarmigan are also scattered around the uplands near Cold Bay. With over twenty species of waterfowl and upland birds in the area hunters can enjoy a variety of hunting in a remote and beautiful area .


No where in Alaska has better Silver Salmon and Char fishing with occasional Halibut than the Alaska Peninsula and with 3 streams local and the bay that we have access to you will be assure a great day of fishing when you get tired of hunting or waiting on tides. The salmon range from 7-16 lbs and river char are 18-28 inches. There are also the opportunity for flyout fishing to a couple more rivers and lakes for an add on fee. Ask us about the details.

Alaska Salmon fishing

Salmon fishing Coldbay Alaska

Hunt Izembek state refuge waters & Kinzaroff lagoon waters accessible by boat only.

Let us immerse you into the wilds of Alaska’s top State water locations near Izembek lagoon and Kinzaroff Lagoon, a true waterfowlers paradise. Hunt Pacific Brant, Geese and Pintails along with mallards and Ptarmigan all in the same day, and if your lucky a harlequin or two for good measure. The Alaska Peninsula’s Izembek state Refuge lagoon is world famous for its concentrations of waterfowl in September and October if your looking for a great trip let local guides get you into this worldclass Hunt.

Alaska’s Cold Bay and Izembek Lagoon offers duck hunting the way it should be lots of ducks and Geese and fast paced shooting over decoying Ducks.

Come hunt the largest fresh water EEl grass beds in North Americe for Trophy Pacific Brant, Geese and Pintails along with some Silver Salmon fishing.

5 day unguided/ hunts Start at $2400pp **** 7 day – $2900pp with meals,lodging outside the refuge  hunting from Sept 13 th – Oct 28th. Hunters are responcible for there rd trip airfare from there home to Coldbay, hunting licenses and state and federal duck stamps and tipping the lodge staff at the end of the week. For more info contact us with dates and availibility for 2017 season.

A quick referance chart for the Geese on the Alaska Peninsula

A field reference chart of the geese of Alaska