Adak Island Aleutians Teal, Pacific Eider & Harlequin Hunting

Sea Duck Hunting Adak for Pacific Eiders ~ Harlequin~ Eurasian Widgeon~ Aleutian Teal

$3900 pp  6 day Guided Deluxe Aleutian Trophy hunt 2019 only 2020=$4500

$2595  per hunter 6 day unguided Aleutian Trophy hunt 2019 only

The Pacific Eider is the largest

Of all the Eiders and probably the most difficult to harvest due to its wintering locations in the Bering Sea’ and the X-Treme weather it’s associated with during there migrations from the YK Delta and the North Slope to reach these remote areas on the coast of the Bering Sea.

Following behind them is the King Eider the 2nd most difficult Sea duck to hunt in Alaska, Since  Aleutian Islands Waterfowlers offers the top King Eider hunting in the world on Island X, We figured it would only be right to continue our record by offering two of the Top Pacific Eider hunts in the world Adak Island & Coldbay. We have made it our priority to locate and hunt the last great bastions of Pacific Eiders,Harlequin, Aleutian Teal and Eurasian Widgeon in the Aleutian Islands on Adak and on the Alaska Peninsula in Coldbay. Starting Mid November we will be offering 4 hunters a week a chance to harvest mature Pacific Eiders and Harlequin along with numerous other Alaska Seaducks and Puddle ducks including Aleutian Teal and Eurasian Widgeon.

Our clients have been taking a few mature Pacific’s : Each year on Island X but it is not the best place to hunt them. As the majority of Pacific Eiders have already passed through in January heading south to there wintering areas in the Aleutians on Adak Island and Alaska Peninsula near Coldbay. During the past 9 seasons Aleutian Island Waterfowlers has been pretty secretive with an intense exploratory program hunting several new locations on the remote Alaska Peninsula and Aleutian Islands and we have decided to offer these hunts to the public in 2 new locations for the 2019 season afer an extensive EXPLORATORY PROGRAM to finalize our hunting program with our guides and equipment in these remote areas. Both areas hold healthy  populations of mature Pacific Eiders along with Scoters, Harlequin, Oldsquaws and numerous puddle ducks and Eurasian vagrant species.

Aleutian Islands Deluxe Trophy Hunts run Nov 21st – Jan 20th  4 hunters a week

We also will be offering a 4 day standard Aleutian Dream Hunt for $2400pp, running November 1st through the 21st offering many of the same ducks except with no opportunities to take a Pacific Eider or Eurasian Widgeon as there just isn’t enough time in 4 days to hunt all the areas. Especially the offshore Bering Sea portion for Pacific Eiders due to the weather and daily tidal changes that greatly affect harvesting these birds.

Standard Aleutian Dream Hunt: 1st hunt~ Sun Oct 31- Thursday Nov 4th, 2nd hunt~ Sun Nov 7-Thursday Nov 11th , 3rd hunt~ Nov 14th-21st,

Deluxe Aleutian Dream Hunt $3900pp: 5th hunt~ Nov 21st-28th, 6th hunt~ Nov 28th-Dec 5th, 7th hunt~ Dec 5th-12, 8th hunt Dec 12-19th

If we sell out the Dec hunts and have more interest we will open up again Dec 30-Jan 23rd  these week long hunts will run $3900 per hunter with all lodging, meals and fully guided hunts with pickup and return from the main airport in Adak along with tagging,freezing and packaging your trophies for the trip home.

Hunters will be responsible for rd trip airfare to anchorage then to Adak Island which runs around $850pp from Anchorage. We do have some specials from the lower 48 all the way to the Adak  for $1100-$1300pp  rd trip from certain cities including Boston, DC,Minneapolis, Atlanta and Seattle.

Aleutian Islands Waterfolwers appreciates all your continued support, And it is our desire to continue to offer the Worlds top Trophy Sea duck hunting in the Aleutian and Pribilof Island with Team X-Treme.

Aleutian Island Waterfowlers will constantly be exploring:  New areas of the Aleutians and will be running special exploratory hunts at discounted rates of $2595pp per week. Whether your looking for Trophy Harlequin, Aleutian Teal, Eurasian Widgeon or Pacific Eiders the Aleutians offer the discriminating Duck hunter a true Dream hunt of a lifetime.

Aleutian Island Waterfowlers has a few spots left on Adak Island for the 2019 season and we hope to have you join us for these once in a life time hunts in remote Alaska with Team X-Treme for Pacific Eiders, Harlequin, Oldsquaws and Scoters along with a chance to harvest Eurasian Widgeon and Aleutian Teal, You owe it to yourself to be one of the first duck hunters accessing these remote areas. If interested please call charlie at 877-359-3003 for all the final details.