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Alaska Duck Hunting 2017/18

Alaska Duck Hunting With Team X-Treme

Trophy Alaska Duck hunting: Our name says it all ! Aleutian Island Waterfowlers Thats what we do, X-Treme Trophy SeaDuck hunting specializing in Mature King Eiders, Pacific Eiders, Harlequin, Aleutian Teal and Eurasian Widgeonl in the Aleutian and Pribilof Islands over decoys.

Another 100% success rate on Island X - 2017/18 season harvesting 118 King Eiders for our Guest's.Eider Seaducks

2017/18 Highlight Video Island X

New ! Confidence in what we sell policy:

Aleutian Island Waterfowlers offers a 100% return policy in writing on our King Eider & Pacific Eider Sea duck hunts, if you do not have the opportunity to harvest a Drake King Eider on Island X with us. These duck hunting trips are expensive and we want 100% of our clients happy and are willing to back up our hunts with an unsurpassed quality assurance of offering a hunt of a lifetime with a no BS return policy.

Nov Adak Pacific Eider Hunts a success !

Pacific Eiders-Harlequin-Scoter's-Aleutian Teal Common Goldeneye Red breasted Mergansers-Rock Ptarmigan and the toughest of all the birds to get the Eurasian Wigeon were all harvested regularly during our 3rd season on Adak Island during this past November. AIW will be guiding on Adak from Nov 3 rd through Dec 12th with 4 hunters per week. We only have 2 weeks left open as of Jan 25 so if interested contact us soon.
Adak Hunt reports ----- Adak Pictures 2010 -- Adak 2011 Pictures


Duck Hunting Experience:

AIW has single-handedly pioneered TrophyKing Eider Sea duck hunting and will continue to offer only the highest quality X-Treme hunts in Alaska's AleutianIslands and Pribilof Islands specializing in King Eiders, Pacific Eiders, Harlequin, Oldsquaw, Scoters and migrating Eurasian vagrant speHarlequin duck huntingcies.


Head guide Capt Charlie Summerville has been guiding-flying-hunting and running boats in remote Alaska since he was 19 years old, for the past 27 years and he believes results tell the story. With over 1,000 happy clients hunting and fishing with us since 1985 we feel pretty confident in our services. Look at our Alaska duck hunting pictures, talk to our taxidermist and watch our Alaska duck hunting videos and then compare us to the competition about who can offer the top Trophy Sea duck hunt in Alaska.

Whether your lookin to go Sea duck hunting for King Eiders on Island X or Puddle duck and Brant hunting on the Alaska Peninsula or Brave the Aleutian Islands weather for Pacific Eiders and Alaska duck hunting we have have the prime locations and the top full time guides to hunt the world famous Island X - Adak Island, Izembek Lagoon - and Alaska Peninsula.

Foster Trip Jones of Kentucky & Kevin Noorda of Utah Congratulations to you both on your recent Dream Hunt success on Island X harvesting Kings. For the full story click on refuge Winners

2010/2011 Island X Highlights Film 100% success along with The Time Bandit Crew Cameo

Capt Charlie Summerville with the Time Bandit Crew Capt Andy & Jonathan

Aleutian Island Waterfowlers Secret Weapon January 2013 St Paul Island.

No Whiners allowed !!! as we have a 100% no whiners policy.

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