Harlequin Duck Hunting

Aleutian Island Waterfowlers has specialized in the little trophy Blue ducks,  or as the locals call the Harlequin “rock ducks” due to there inherent location and loving to swim in the waves and current along the rough coastal ledges and Rocks. The state bag limits are 4 harlequin per non resident hunter per year so this is not a green head hunt its a collector hunt.


Where is the best hunting

Harlequin are spread out throughout Alaska and one of the more prominent sea ducks.  We have had %100 success in all our locations harvesting Harlequin. The main question is what do you want to hunt along with them thats what decides your final location.  We offer harlequin hunting trips in 4 locations Coldbay, Kodiak, Adak and Island X although in the name of conservation we limit our hunters to 2 trophy Harlequin on Island X as it is a small island with a small local breeding population of resident birds.

What to expect Harlequin hunting

Harlequin are hunted best with a #6 shot steel or hevishot load as they are a great decoying bird and will come in close landing in the decoys. Its allot of action and fast paced as these little blue bombers come screaming into the decoys to land.

One of our recent Harlequin Hunts


Team X-Treme

Hunt with Alaska’s Top waterfowl guides team X-Treme

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