King Eider Hunting

We pioneered King Eider hunting in the Pribilof island’s on Island X next year will be our 17th season going full time for King Eiders.  And with a 96% success rate for the past  17 years and 100% success rate for the past 8 seasons we are considered the  and have been Voted the #1 King Eider Guide for 17 years straight  We  can offer one thing the best King Eider hunt in all of the World nothing less.  The modest limit is 4 Kings per season for nonresidents.


Where is the best hunting

Hands down Island X has the largest populations of accessible and  huntable King Eiders in the world.  King Eiders are only in a very few spots throughout Alaska and the main reason there here is it is the middle point between the summer breeding grounds and the winter feeding grounds. The population is estimated to be around 700,000 birds so us hunting 150 birds year has no factor on the population.


What to expect hunting King Eiders

98% of King Eiders are shot within the first 90 minutes each morning as they travel to there feeding areas around the island. The weather conditions can be brutal with heavy wind and freezing salt spray with average daily temperatures between 17-27 with many days the past 2 years temp’s reaching high 30’s. King Eiders are hunted best with a 3 or 31/2 inch #4 hevishot  or a high quality tungsten mix ammo. As the ammo is the cheapest part of the trip so don’t skimp. They are an average decoying bird and will swing by 75% of the time and just look at the decoys. Eider hunting is pure chaos for the magic hour each day and your head has to be on a swivel as they pop up between the waves and then they are gone.

Our last week of this King Eider Season



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